City Creates Task Force to Rename “Hotlanta” Disc Golf Tournament


#5:  The Fernbank Museum of Ticks and Heatstroke

The ONLY surefire way to prevent Lyme Disease.

Nostalgic in that it references the “hot” in “Hotlanta”, this new moniker really puts a face on the obstacles that these intrepid frolfers will face.

If the ADGO chooses to go another direction, this could certainly be tweaked and offered to Cobb County as an alternative and more accurate name for their sadistic, 72 hole, one-day, “Iron Man” tournament, played in August of all months, (you sick f**ks).

Sponsors would be Pedialyte, OFF! Bug Spray, and The American Lyme Disease Foundation.

The after party will be in the Grady Hospital emergency room swearing that you’re never going to drink that much the night before a tournament ever again.

Of course, only one thing can make you feel worse than Lyme Disease in Atlanta…