City Creates Task Force to Rename “Hotlanta” Disc Golf Tournament


#6:  The Par-sity

Just looking at these things can give Atlanta residents a bad case of PTSD.

Obviously having exhausted their stash of puns, the Hotlanta renaming task force thought the only way to make for a truly fair tournament was to have the PDGA grant a special waiver:  Every player scoring a birdie or better must eat a Varsity Chili Dog before teeing off on the next hole.

Pros:  Free hot dogs.

Cons:  The necessary footprint for the porta-potty rentals would eliminate nearly all of the parking at any Atlanta area course.

Sponsors:  Tums, Preparation H, and doctors specializing in gastrointestinal issues.

After Party:  The most private bathroom in your entire home…if you make it that far.  Otherwise, try at least holding out for a Quiktrip or Racetrac.

While we’re all dealing with that, the ADGO could just call it what it is