City Creates Task Force to Rename “Hotlanta” Disc Golf Tournament


Lucky Number 7:  The ADGO Membership Drive

C’mon baby…Papa needs a new yellow truck!

After the success of this year’s push to force people into their fascist regime, the ADGO will further increase next year’s membership numbers by making Hotlanta registration only available with your VIP Premium Plus Membership Trim Package.  This, of course, is not the same as the VIP Premium Membership Trim Package, which only comes with a mini, a membership card for some f**king reason, and an already-dull Prodigy golf pencil.

Sponsored by Bernie Madoff, Several Nigerian Princes, and Al Capone’s ghost.

Afterparty:  The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, where ADGO big wigs will be gambling away our membership fees as they watch deposits rolling into their bank accounts.

Or, in case one new moniker isn’t enough