Dick’s Catches NRA Backlash By Refusing to Carry Innova Colt


As with any American experience, disc golf is not immune to the rhetoric and ridiculousness of the political spectrum under which we operate as a nation.

During this particular trip around the sun, we’ve been inundated in the United States with debates over the nature of the Second Amendment.  Some believe that the right to bear arms is outdated and should be abolished in order to keep our citizens safe.  Others believe that without the Second Amendment, our nation would be ripe for the clutches of tyranny, either from within or abroad.

Thanks to social media, this argument has spilled over into the court of public opinion, were staunch opponents of the Second Amendment have been pressuring large corporations to either adjust or abolish their firearms programs.  Dick’s Sporting Goods has been under extreme duress, making a number of changes to their own policies in recent weeks.

Dick’s Sporting Goods will no longer sell assault-style firearms, will ban high-capacity magazines and will not sell any guns to people younger than 21, the company announced Wednesday, a significant move for the retail giant in the midst of renewed calls for national gun reform.

Chief executive Edward W. Stack made the announcement during an appearance on “Good Morning America”, as well as through a company statement that said “thoughts and prayers are not enough” in the wake of America’s latest mass shooting. Two weeks ago, a gunman killed 17 people, most of them teenagers, in Parkland, Fla., with an AR-15 that was legally purchased. The alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, bought a shotgun from a Dick’s store in November, Stack said during the television interview.

The backlash against Dick’s was so great that it forced a massive change in their disc golf program as well.

“The folks from corporate sent down a list of SKU’s that we were to gather up and destroy.  The Innova Colt was on that list” said Iowa regional manager for Dick’s Greg Flickerson .

Colts don’t kill putts. Prodigy baskets kill putts.

“It seemed a little overboard to me, but the guys at the disposal site said they melted a lot easier than the AR-15’s did” continued Flickerson.

The NRA was quick to respond to Dick’s disc debacle, with newly minted association president Oliver North releasing an official statement on the issue.

“Wait.  Are we talking about a f***ing frisbee?” – Oliver North, NRA President

It had already been a political week for disc golf after Rosanne Barr was condemned for tweeting the following:

“Valerie Jarrett = https://www.innovadiscs.com/disc/ape/