DiscMania Releases Sexton Firebird….Er…”Eagle McMahon MD3″


Everyone loves a good marketing story, especially in the world of selling high end frisbees to adults.

And that is precisely why DiscMania have hired world renowned disc design pioneer Jake Flexton to redefine the Eagle McMahon Signature MD3.

Flexton is widely credited with being the first designer to realize the full potential of blue, color glow plastic paired with purple-hued foil stamps, particularly when depicting any number of raptors, or birds of prey.

After traveling the nation looking for the ideal, angry bird illustration, Flexton then spent the next 11 months in The Himalayas, staring longingly into the pre-dawn skies over Nepal in order to fully immerse himself in the correct shades of blue for the color glow plastic.

The end result is magnificent, and definitely not just another attempt to cash in on the Sexton Firebird craze.


Said one early reviewer, “People really will buy anything with a bird on it in glow plastic”.

As for Flexton’s plans moving forward, the aesthetic savant hoped to return to his sprawling estate and spend a few weeks Googling tree species pronunciations.