ART OF THE DEAL: Hyzer Bomb Discs is Now FIRING Its Customers

Hyzer Bomb

Frolf, or “disc golf” as some call it, is becoming a big business here in the United States, and young, inexperienced entrepreneurs are chomping at the bit to get a piece of the action.

Examining any small community of disc golfers, it doesn’t take long to find their local birdie-business magnate, often driving an old Toyota truck full of Rubbermaid bins containing all manner of plastic for hucking.

Inside these bins is a wealth of historical data about any particular frolfing scene, complete with dozen of discs stained from their time spent sunken in the abyss of the local “water hole”.

So what happens when one of these regional retailers loses their way, and can no longer handle the rigors of business?  Customers of Hyzer Bomb Discs found out the hard way this week.

Hyzer Bomb Hyzer Bomb

“We don’t control the post office”. ¬†I felt that that one needed repeating.

Hyzer Bomb

“Firing a customer” – Remind you of anyone?


Hyzer Bomb

No word yet on whether or not Hyzer Bomb will be holding their annual “Fuck Our Customers” Puppy Kicking Contest this summer or not.

But, what do we really expect from a company whose logo looks like Red Wing Shoes and Indian Motorcycles got into a bar fight at

Hyzer Bomb
So, so cool.

The only thing left to figure out is who’s going to buy their domain name in a year when it doesn’t get renewed.