PlantSnap Makes On-Course Botany Routine, But Fails Major Golfer Test

When it comes to amateur botany, the clear leader in smartphone-based applications is PlantSnap.

For those not familiar with the software, PlantSnap is an application that uses your smartphone’s camera to identify any number of flora that we encounter out in nature.

Outside of being an incredible resource for hikers and survivalists, PlantSnap has found a cult following among disc golf commentators working with Jomez Productions, who have been increasingly interested in the types of vegetation on the elite courses that they are covering.

“How else would arborvitae become a household phrase within the disc golf community, if not for PlantSnap?”, asked application user @TonofSex42069 on iTunes.

Given the propensity of the application to imbue unearned intelligence on the end user, we at Happy Hour Disc Golf thought that we’d give it a try.

While the application was ultimately successful in identifying nuisance trees on the course, (such as Sprucifers and Treelzebubs), PlantSnap seemed to have difficulty when it came to the Reddit version of “trees”.


That is why we at Happy Hour Disc Golf will stick with our plan to harass Leafly into sponsoring us.  (Please, Leafly.  Please.)

As for PlantSnap’s true potential, one professional user who chose to remain anonymous explained, “if folks are going to pay me through Patreon to talk about disc golf , the least I can do is give them a botany lesson”.