Val Jenkins Picks Up New Tour Sponsor After Masters Cup Performance

Valerie Jenkins

While her finish may not have been what she was truly hoping for, there is some good news for Valarie Jenkins this weekend.

The longtime veteran of the PDGA circuit Jenkins ran into trouble heading into Sunday action at the Masters Cup in Santa Cruz, California thanks to a sudsy personal assistant SNAFU.

Valarie Jenkins, whose 6-over par second round dropped her to second place on the leaderboard at 11-over, was disqualified from the event after the round when it was determined that her caddie was in possession of alcohol while on the course. As a result, Jennifer Allen will take the fourth spot on the final round lead card.

Jenkins would have the last laugh, however, as her performance did not go unnoticed.

Almost immediately after the PDGA officially disqualified Jenkins her inbox was melted by a multitude of media requests and offers of endorsement.  Within minutes, Jenkins had herself a new deal.

“We are extremely excited to have Valarie Jenkins on board to help us glide on into the disc golf market”, Scotty Dunt said from his office at 4Loko headquarters.

“This newfound exposure will hopefully make up for the longterm issues we’ve been experiencing as our customer base faces lengthy incarceration”.

Be on the lookout for new flavor Huckleberry Hyzer Horror on shelves soon.